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Rolker Gracie Seminar Filled with Chokes and Choke Defenses
Rolker Gracie Seminar Feb 11th 2018 at Victor Huber Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Rolker Gracie Seminar on February 11th 2018

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January 2016’s Technique: Sumi Gaeshi

Robert and Morrow demonstrate a grip break into the Sumi Gaeshi.

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Master Manoel Seminar Photo Gallery October 25th, 2015
Helio Gracie coral belt Master Manoel, Victor Huber, Robert, Charlie and Kelly

Check out the photos from Master Manoel’s seminar at Victor Huber BJJ on October 25th, 2015. It was a privilege for all of us to learn from a Helio Gracie coral belt. View Master Manoel’s Seminar Photo Gallery

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September 2015 Technique
Robert and Matt show the "911 Armbar Defense"

Robert and Matt demonstrate what Victor calls a “911 Armbar Defense” when your arm is in danger and you feel the leg about to go over your head.

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Victor’s daughter promoted to yellow belt at Gracie Humaita Ilha
Kyla gets a surprise visit from daddy Victor at her yellow belt promotion.

Kayla seems to be a bit happy after receiving her yellowbelt and a surprise early return from her dad.

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Technique for September

Sequence for September: Cecilia demonstrates how to pass the open guard straight to knee-on-belly, finishing with the armbar.

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Check out photos from the Victor Huber Cup 2011
Photos from the Victor Huber Cup 2011

Congratulations to all the competitors who gave their all on the mats! Check out some photos from the tournament.

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Check out some tournament photos!

Whether it’s your first competition or your hundredth, competing in a brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament is always an exciting experience. Check out some of the Team Victor Huber competitors in action at the Relson Gracie Tournament held at UNF arena.

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