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Victor Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt by Master Rolker Gracie
Victor receives 5th degree black belt from Rolker

Victor promoted to 5th degree black belt from Rolker Gracie

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Rolker Gracie Seminar Filled with Chokes and Choke Defenses
Rolker Gracie Seminar Feb 11th 2018 at Victor Huber Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Rolker Gracie Seminar on February 11th 2018

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Technique Video- Armbar Setup from Traditional Grips
Video Technique- Armbar setup from traditional grips

Master Victor shows a simple and effective setup for an armbar using traditional grips.

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Technique for January 2017 – Standing Rear-Naked Choke Defense

Defense for the standing rear-naked choke.

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Rolker Gracie Seminar Sunday Feb 11th, 2018 10am-1pm- Spots are Limited

Master Rolker Gracie will teach a 3 hour seminar at Victor Huber BJJ on Sunday Feb 11th, 2018. Spots are limited!

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Congratulations to Megan on Her Blue Belt Promotion

Congrats Megan on your blue belt promotion!

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No-Gi Training
No-gi training at Victor Huber Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

No-Gi Training Every Saturday at Noon

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Hurricane Irma Update – Normal Schedule Resumes 9/15/2017
Victor demonstrates a defense for the standing rear-naked choke

Normal Schedule to resume Friday 9/15.

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Great Seminar in East Tennessee

Great Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Seminar in East Tennessee!

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Big Mike earns 1st stripe on his brown belt

Big Mike – 61 yrs young and trains every day with the young bucks

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