Congratulations to Brian, Kyle and Rob

We are extremely proud of Brian, Kyle and Rob for competing at the Jacksonville Grappling Industries tournament on January 30th, 2021. As new purple belts, it was a great test for Brian and Kyle. As a white belt, it was Rob’s first tournament but surely won’t be his last. His back take and collar choke in the finals was a highlight of the tournament. Congratulations, fellas!

Kyle and Brian with Master Victor
Rob and Master Victor
Victor and the crew

Technique: Ezekiel Choke from Closed Guard

Victor Huber BJJ black belts Robert and João demonstrate an Ezekiel choke from closed guard.

From closed guard, Robert (blue gi) breaks João’s posture by opening his elbows. While hugging his head, Robert grabs his own left sleeve with his right hand. He then passed his left hand in front of the face and throat, finishing the choke by pushing away.