Technique: Ezekiel Choke from Closed Guard

Victor Huber BJJ black belts Robert and João demonstrate an Ezekiel choke from closed guard.

From closed guard, Robert (blue gi) breaks João’s posture by opening his elbows. While hugging his head, Robert grabs his own left sleeve with his right hand. He then passed his left hand in front of the face and throat, finishing the choke by pushing away.

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Defending the Standing Front Choke

Randy attacks Victor's neck.

Randy attacks Victor’s neck.

Victor controls Randy’s right elbow and goes over Randy’s shoulder, grabbing his lat.

Victor brings his hip through and prepares for the throw.

Victor brings his hip through and prepares for the throw.

Victor throws Randy. While controlling his arm, Victor places his knee on Randy’s ribs, setting up for an armbar.

Victor passes his right leg over Randy’s head and finishes the armbar.