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Technique Video- Armbar Setup from Traditional Grips
Video Technique- Armbar setup from traditional grips

Master Victor shows a simple and effective setup for an armbar using traditional grips.

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Big Mike earns 1st stripe on his brown belt

Big Mike – 61 yrs young and trains every day with the young bucks

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Victor Huber – Competing and Teaching in the USA since 1996

Victor Huber – Competing and teaching in America since 1996

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New Victor Huber Gracie Jiu-jitsu Shirts For Sale

New Victor Huber BJJ shirts by Gameness now in stock!

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Rolker Gracie Seminar Features Helio’s Chokes

Rolker Gracie Seminar 2017 – Rolker showed the team his father Helio’s favorite chokes during a 3 hour seminar on April 14th.

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