2021 Summer Promotions

Victor’s team has managed to thrive during difficult times. They’ve earned new stripes and new belts during our summer promotions. Congratulations to everyone on this great recognition for all your hard work.

Summer 2021 Promotions
Team Victor Huber celebrates at the Brazilian steakhouse

Congratulations to Brian, Kyle and Rob

We are extremely proud of Brian, Kyle and Rob for competing at the Jacksonville Grappling Industries tournament on January 30th, 2021. As new purple belts, it was a great test for Brian and Kyle. As a white belt, it was Rob’s first tournament but surely won’t be his last. His back take and collar choke in the finals was a highlight of the tournament. Congratulations, fellas!

Kyle and Brian with Master Victor
Rob and Master Victor
Victor and the crew

Welcome to the team, Chris!

New students at Victor Huber BJJ

Welcome our buddy Chris to the team! We are proud to have a tough crop of new white belts at Victor Huber BJJ. These guys have the courage to step into a new environment and commit themselves to what can sometimes be a grueling martial art. We look forward to watching your development!